TIG Welding

Stainless Steel TIG Welding

RGS has over 25years experience in the Stainless Steel Fabrication business and TIG welding is at the heart of what we do. A good weld not only requires integrity of strength but must also add cosmetic value to the product.

Stainless Steel is a volatile metal and as such requires great skill to control it during the welding process. At RGS we know how to work with Stainless Steel.

Our experience in Stainless Steel welding ranges from large diameter argon purged pipe work to the more delicate touch required in producing bespoke ornamental products.

Our workshops are equipped with the latest state of the art inverter water cooled TIG welding plants and our qualified welders bring years of knowledge and skill to any task.

Stainless Steel TIGStainless Steel TIG WeldingStainless Steel TIG Welding

Aluminium TIG Welding

At RGS we are equipped with the tools and knowledge to work with aluminium.

Our experience in aluminium ranges from large scale gantries to high spec components for the racing and custom car trade.

RGS has also built up a reputation in the Wiltshire area for its aluminium repair service. We have carried out aluminium welding repairs on items such as engine heads, gearbox housings and even alloy vintage car bodies.

If its aluminium there’s a good chance that we can repair it.