BSSA Praise The Environmental Benefits of Stainless Steel

January 4th, 2010

The recent article on the British Stainless Steel Association’s website lists under the following headings the environmental benefits associated with the use of stainless steel in our society.

Recycling and the long term life of stainless steel -

“Stainless steel does have a long lifespan often spanning several decades , which is often why it is chosen.”

When it does come to the end of its useful life it is also an excellent recyclable material -

“Did you know that stainless steel is 100% recyclable”

“Did you know that any stainless steel object has an approximate recycled content of 60%”

So how does stainless steel improve modern day life……?

The use of stainless steel in our everyday products help us in many ways to lead a healthier life and live in a cleaner environment.

The list below are just a few examples:

- Stainless Steel is used in the manufacture of catalytic converters and diesel filters which helps reduces pollution.

- Stainless Steel is used in the manufacture of condensing boilers, solar panels, fuel cells all of which help in the reduction of fossil fuels.

- Stainless Steel is used to keep water clean. Because of its anti corrosive nature and its ability to prevent the formation of bacteria it is widely used in pipework systems for drinking water, waste water plants, and all medical environments.

- Stainless Steel is also helping to reduce waste in many areas. Because of its properties it is used in recycling collectors, paper recycling plants and composting processes.

Over the last fifty years stainless steel has become a prominent feature in the development of our society. The benefits are their for all to appreciate, it looks great, it has a long life cycle and it is 100% recyclable. Stainless steel stands out as a material as we all strive for a more sustainable society and for this reason its future is secure.

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