Quality Finishing

Many companies work with stainless steel and aluminium but the real art is in the finishing.


Specialist TIG Welders

Stainless Steel is a volatile metal and as such requires great skill to control it during the welding process.


3D CAD Design Experts

To achieve successful products a designer must have a feel for the materials.


Stainless Steel Specialists

The idea behind specializing in Stainless SteelĀ  is to become a master of it. Our years of experience have enabled us to understand the complexities of working with this material. From dealing with its volotile nature during welding to the more delicate and careful art of creating a quality finish.

Another reason for specializing is that this material is very sensitive to contamination from other metals especially carbon steel. We therefore believe that you can only do justice to it by giving it a quarantine status.

Over the years we have gained a stock of knowledge which enables us to operate in a variety of markets ,from industrial to the more artistic. We hope you find our website of interest to you.

"If its Stainless Steel Fabrication you're interested in, then you have come to the right place"!!